Tuesday, June 7, 2011


look at what you have done to her.
look at her dammit!!

shattered, broken little girl.

she loved you with everything that she had and that ceased to be enough for you.

and once you realised that it was her that you wanted. she had realised that the world lay out infront of her and she was intoxicated by the possibilities.
she wanted to learn
she wanted to laugh
she wanted to live
and sometime she wanted to love again...
and be loved in return.

and so she did.
she is happy now and though her mind may seek revenge her heart only wishes that some day you will find true happiness 2

Friday, April 29, 2011

lies and illusions

as i read the love letters of great men, Beethoven,Voltaire,Napolean..
inspiring words flow through my veins..

- such a silly insignificant thing in this day and age
and yet i find myself yearning for it..
that deep connection that only words can create.

yet so many small shattered pieces of my dull heart lay on this floor.
romance does not exsist.
love does not exsist.
-not in my world.
oh how i wish it did. I wish it could

but he ruined the chances of that.
he took my heart and ripped it apart right in front of my face and fed it to the wolves.
revealing the truth only made everythin seem like a lie.

no,romance,love-thats an old wives tale