Wednesday, September 1, 2010

_emotionally exhausted

so i do not feel like doing the whole emotionaly draining, lets-put-all-of-my-deep-and-personal-feelings-on-my-blog thing today

ah what the hell

i feel alone
who are these strangers that surround me?

Why do i bother to make any haman contact with them at all

i just dont know

_emotiontions rambling around 

somedays i feel blissfull
others i just want to punch their heads in

i feel like i am going insane
how do i save myself from this state i find myself in?

i want it to go away
all of it
every annoying immature comment, every moment i sit around waiting for that sms, the simple human contact

i want every "are you okay?'" to just simply fuck off
or should i rather say the lack of the "are you okay?"

i want the mixed signals and i love you's to just leave 

take me away from here 

ah well i think thats enough complaining for today 

it seems the only times i find myself inspired are when im horny or annoyed. 
quite sad isnt it?  

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