Friday, November 19, 2010

_lost and alone

i wish i could spill my brains across this screen.
it feels like the only way i could fully explain the emotional state i'm in.

oh how i love him.
yes i doubted it, but i know now i do love him.
when i'm alone and afraid he knows exactly what to say to make me feel safe again.
all i need is the:

baby its all gonna be okay

i have him. i know that. i know he's not going anywhere.

i am happy with him
i just wish that it was enough.
i want more.
i want my friends back.
we have all drifted from where we used to be.we used to laugh together, cry together,act ridiculous together.
and now?
i feel as if they dont even see me.
i wonder if they even care?
i want a person. someone i can tell all my secrets to.
i had that person, but she's consumed n her own life now.

i guess for now he will have to do.

i actually want him to be around forever.
need him around forever

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