Thursday, October 21, 2010


oh god.
why did i let it happen?
all the warning signs were there and yet i refused to listen.
i did that stupid thing where i tried to convince myself that everything was going to be alright

stupid ignorant naive little girl.
you have so much to learn
why do you do it?
so easily give your haert away,like its worthless
_nothing but a simple silly priceless page of sorrow.

completely worthless

and yet you persisted to believe that he would complete you?

silly girl
stupid little girl

you let him fill all the spaces of your hollow heart.
you let him take control

and now you feel nothing


no emotion.
none what so ever

do i love him?

do i?

oh god.

how i wish i new the answer to that question..

he says: i love you baby
i say it back..
but do i really mean it?

i know i would not be able to manage without him
somehow i feel safe,
i find shelter in the corners of his cold heart

searching for answers
i have lost hope.

i am falling
out of love

oh god.

mind alterting substances would statisfy me now.

i need distraction
all this thinking hurts
the emptiness scares me

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